Welcome to Mousa Industry Solutions

Mousa Industry Solutions is a consulting company in the field of automation for the Middle East institus and companies. Since 2007 I have been supervising automation projects in the field of machine automation, plant automation and medical instruments. In addition Mousa Industry Solutions reprenseting well-known German technology market leader in the Middle East.

The spectrum of services includes supervising of projects from desing to the implementation accompany with high level stuff of projects managers and high level automation engineers.

  We could have a big step forward in the technology thank to the high support of Mr. Mousa in, innovation and competition analyses that have guided us to have better advantage toward competitions that helped us to set higher level in our CNC Laser machines’’

Mr. Wael Al Kweifi, managing director, Accumech, Dubai, UAE

 Mr. Mousa showed a deep understanding of the automation processes and help us to take the right decision of choosing the right solution for our facility that helped us to minimise our costs and maximise our productivities ’’

Mr. Dr. Bashar Shreteh, managing director, Daman, Bahrain